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DCCA Directors

Tamara McNulty, Keith Rawlins, Andrea Jordon

A Note from Executive Director, Andrea Jordan: As we embark on DCCA's 40th Season, I look forward to celebrating DCCA's past and bright future, striving to create a uniquely entertaining arts experience through each presentation. The 2018-2019 Ruby Season welcomes favorites with a new twist, including Alpin Hong in Chasing Chopin and The Texas Tenors for a Spacial Christmas Event, along with exciting artists new to DCCA audiences. By fulfilling a mission of cultural enrichment, DCCA provides a place for the arts to continually be celebrated in our community. We recognize that this is only possible because of our many supporters. I thank you for recognizing the importance of DCCA and the arts in our community and invite you to join us this season in Celebrating 40 Years of Darke County Center for the Arts, as the arts shine on throughout Darke County.

A Note from Artistic Director, Keith Rawlins: A lot can change in 40 years. We live in a world of cell phones, online shopping, digital music, and cars that park themselves. DCCA has also changed. Being agile and able to adapt has been an integral part of our growth. Some things (thankfully) remain the same. Despite technological advances, there is no substitute for the shared experience of a live performance. And although art is always growing and changing, ART IS TIMELESS. This season is a wonderful example, as rock-n-roll Piano Men will grace the same stage as the music of Chopin and of Judy Garland. When speaking on behalf of a nonprofit organization that has not only survived but thrived for forty years, there is only one appropriate thing to say: Thank you. May DCCA continue to grow and adapt for the next 40 years and beyond.

A Note from Anna Bier Gallery Director, Tamera McNulty: Reflecting back on my first year, the experience has been inspiring and educational. I truly appreciate the efforts and support of so many fellow art enthusiasts who helped me to provide a forum for the talented exhibitors this season. Some highlights for me include the success of our first annual elementary exhibit as well as a series of workshops, each revealing some wonderful budding artists in our community. I'm delighted with the collaboration: alignment with DCCA events that brings an overall cohesiveness to such enjoyable evenings. I'm very excited about what the future holds and with your continued support, together we can make it another great year. See you in the gallery!

Board of Directors

Chairman — Ryan Cox

Vice Chair — David Warner

Treasurer — Becky Luce

Secretary — Kathy Warner

Ted Abney
Angie Arnold
Betty Birt
Dave Connelly
Amber Garrett
Becky Maurer
Darryl D. Mehaffie
Dan Schipfer
Matt Staugler
Matt Steyer
Julie Strait


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